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F100 - Pulp Alley - Quick Start PDF
F100 - Pulp Alley - Quick Start PDF


Availability: Available for download within 24 hours


Our free Pulp Alley - Quick Start rules in PDF format.

This free PDF focuses on the core mechanics of Pulp Alley, but is not the complete game. Includes two league rosters and an introductory scenario - ready to play.

Try Pulp Alley for FREE!

NOTICE -- Unfortunately, our site is not fancy enough to be automated. That's why it says -- "Available for download within 24 hours".

So regardless of what you order, Mila or I still have to go in and approve each order individually before it is processed and ready to download. Normally this takes less than an hour but it can certainly take longer if we aren't near our computers for awhile -- or if it's my nap time.

After you receive an email confirming your Order, you will receive a second email when your file is ready to download. Thanks for your patience.