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2018-02 - Scenario of the Month - Feb - PDF
2018-02 - Scenario of the Month - Feb - PDF

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Scenario of the Month January: Four Faces of Dr Fang

“All men must pay the price. Some with gold, others with blood...”

Background: Fear and paranoia grip Vice Alley after eight gruesome murders are discovered in the span of a few days. A dozen descriptions of the killer are circulating through the neighborhood. Many of these descriptions fit your appearance. To prove your innocence, you must piece together the clues and bring this murderer to justice...

Players/Leagues: 1 to 4
Type: Versus, Co-op, or Solo

This 15-page digital download includes: A helpful Turn Summary for Pulp Alley, Special rules for NPC's, Scenario Summary, Scenario Set-up, Scenario Special Rules.
6 x Character Cards
1 x Scenario Card
5 x Reward Cards
And more!

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