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1320 - Ultra-Inviso Bases
1320 - Ultra-Inviso Bases
Our Price: $2.99

Travel anywhere and always look great with Pulp Alley's Ultra-Inviso Bases!

As seen on Pulp Alley Adventure Theater! And used exclusively at Casa Pulp Alley.

20mm is our favorite, but you can select from FIVE different sizes!

1350- Twenty Dice Set
1350- Twenty Dice Set
Our Price: $15.99

No sparkly dice here! These are no-nonsense, rugged dice for two-fisted Pulp Alley action!

Each set includes 20 dice -- 5 x 6-sided, 5 x 8-sided, 5 x 10-sided, and 5 x 12-sided. Select your favorite color or our special Pulp Alley Mix set. Dice bag not included.

Note -- The set we most frequently use at Pulp Alley HQ is our special Mix set. This multi-colored dice set can speed up your scenarios and reduce the chance of rolling the wrong dice -- it's great for new and experienced players.

1381 - Burst Template Set (4)
1381 - Burst Template Set (4)
Our Price: $14.75

Includes four Pulp Alley Burst Templates -- Heavy Burst, 3" Burst, Long Blast and Short Blast

Made from High Grade Volcanic Orange 3mm Perspex

Made in the U.K. by Sally 4th -- http://wargamesbuildings.co.uk/