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1201 - COMBO - Rulebook, PDF, and Deck
Our Price: $40.97
Sale Price: $32.97
Savings: $8.00

SAVE $8.00! This special combo offer includes --

1 x #1000 -- Pulp Alley Rulebook
1 x #1100 -- Pulp Alley Rulebook (PDF)
1 x #1300 -- Fortune Deck

NOTICE -- Unfortunately, our site is not fancy enough to be automated. That's why it says -- "Available for download within 24 hours".

So regardless of what you order, Mila or I still have to go in and approve each order individually before it is processed and ready to download. Normally this takes less than an hour but it can certainly take longer if we aren't near our computers for awhile -- or if it's my nap time.

After you receive an email confirming your Order, you will receive a second email when your file is ready to download. Thanks for your patience.

1369 - Resource Decks Combo (mini-cards)
Our Price: $25.97

Save $$ when you order the Resource Decks Combo! Includes all three resource decks ---

#1370 -- Cults, Gifts, & Minions Deck
#1371 -- Gear & Gadgets Deck
#1372 -- Backup & Contacts Deck

Note -- Printed on premium black core stock, each Resource Deck includes 45 mini-cards (2.5" x 1.625")
1480 - Lillie Poots
Our Price: $5.75

“Lillie Poots woke from dreams of singing; small voices calling her name.
Three rats were sitting at the foot of her bed. They watched her with their black little eyes then scampered off the bed and out the door. Lillie dressed, pulled on her coat and grabbed her grandmother's lantern.
Then she followed the rats out into the dark, dark night.”

Not suitable for children.
Miniatures come unpainted and may require assembly.
Heroic 28mm Miniature - Sculpted by Andrew Rae
1481 - Sister Anaesthesia & Doctor Strukov
Our Price: $11.75

Assigned to their posts within three months of each other, the appointment of Sister Anaesthesia as Asylum Administrator and Doctor Strukov as Senior Medical Officer undoubtedly marks the decline into cruelty and evil that has afflicted Statuesque Asylum in recent years. Together they dominate their unfortunate charges with iron will and razor-sharp scalpel.

Not suitable for children.
Miniatures come unpainted and may require assembly.
Heroic 28mm Miniatures - Sculpted by Andrew Rae
1482 - Professor Felicity Poppington
Our Price: $6.75

"Professor Felicity Poppington has been investigating the stories surrounding Statuesque Asylum for some time, interviewing former patients and staff to hear their tales of horror and dread. Now she must cross the threshold and discover for herself what hides in the shadows of this benighted place."
  • One finely detailed, two part metal figure.
  • Approximately 31mm tall.
  • Includes a unique Pulp Alley Character Cards.

    Not suitable for children.
    Miniatures come unpainted and may require assembly.
    Heroic 28mm Miniature - Sculpted by Andrew Rae
2017 - Phantom Agent Rewards


1. You may request one Phantom Agent card for each new Pulp Alley AAR or Review you post to one or more appropriate forums or blogs in 2017.

2. You must include the name 'Pulp Alley' in the title of your AAR/Review.

3. You must include a link (copy/paste) to your AAR/Review in the 'Order Comments' box when requesting your Phantom Agent reward card.

4. Your request must be placed within 7 days of posting your AAR/Review online.

5. You may not request more than one card per week (7 days).

6. SPECIAL REWARDS: After you earn at least 10 cards from our 2017 list, you may request the Phantom Agent Skull Ring or a $10 credit Pulp Alley code!

While supplies last, these promotional gifts are awarded at the sole discretion of Mila Phipps. There are no guarantees.

Please follow all instructions to avoid the delaying or cancellation of your request.

Our Price: $18.99

Includes one Apophis miniature and one Horror Deck.

APOPHIS --- The personification of all evil and chaos, the shadow of the Great Serpent is already spreading around the globe. As his evil servants gather powerful and ancient artifacts, Apophis grows ever stronger. Soon, none will be able to thwart his revenge and planet Earth shall be consumed.
  • Approximately 40mm tall.
  • Includes one unique Pulp Alley Character Cards.

HORROR DECK --- The optional Horror Deck introduces new and exciting effects for players wanting to add a touch of horror to their Pulp Alley scenarios. Can you survive the mind-rending madness? The Pulp Alley Horror Deck is made up of 48 cards. We have also included 2 blank Horror cards for you to make your own custom cards, replace worn cards, and so on.
Printed on premium stock to match our high quality Fortune Decks and other printed cards.

Not suitable for children.
Miniature come unpainted and may require assembly.

7004 - Sky Pirates Combo
Our Price: $23.50
COMBO $21.50
Savings: $2.00

THE RAVEN SQUADRON – Led by the mysterious and cunning ace known only as The Raven. These sky pirates are the scourge of the air and shipping lanes all around the globe - feared for their fierce and daring raids from Soerabaja to Saskatchewan.

  • Includes packs #1400 and #1401

Not suitable for children.
Miniature come unpainted and may require assembly.

Our Price: $27.98

This combo includes ---

1 x Tomb of the Serpent Book ($17.99). See item #1006 for details.

1 x Tomb of the Serpent Companion Deck ($13.99). See item #1316 for details.

Donate to Mila's College Fund
Our Price: $1.00

Please donate $1 to encourage and support Mila's college ambitions.

If you donate at least $5, we will send you a special 'Helping Hand' Pulp Alley Fortune card for your generous support.